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4DSP Products

Xilinx FPGA XMC, PMC, VPX Boards & High Speed Digitizers
ADC(Analog-to-Digital Conversion) & DAC(Digital-to-Analog Conversion) FMC Boards
IP Cores (Serial FPDP, Fixed Point & Floating Point FFT, Polyphase Filterbank, Digital Down Converter)

Hardware ; System-based Solution

  • Turnkey Solution 또는 Development Platform CompactPCI, VME, VPX, PCI, Standalone Systems
  • 3U VPX Systems (VPX360, VPX362)
  • Fiber Optic Systems (RTS125, RTS150)

Hardware ; Modular-based Solution

  • Xilinx Virtex, Kintex 탑재 XMC, PMC, VPX modules (FM Series, AD Series, VID Series)
  • Camera Link Frame Grabber with Video Processing Resources
  • FMC modules (A/D, D/A A/D & D/A, RF, Digital Signal Processors, Clock & Trigger Distribution, Optical Transceiver)
  • FlexVPX Backplanes

Software ; IP Cores

  • sFPDP(Serial FPDP) IP Core
  • Floating Point & Fixed Point FFT IP Core
  • Polyphase Filterbank IP Core
  • Digital Down Converter IP Core

4DSP procucts는 광범위한 Application 개발을 지원합니다.

  • SDR (Software Defined Radio) – Radio Communications System
  • Direct RF Down Conversion
  • JPEG2000 Video Image Processors
  • Beam Forming (Signal Processing Technique) for Radar, Sonar, Wireless Communications, etc
  • Radar/Sonar Image Processor & Radar/Sonar Jamming
  • Satellite Communication Systems & Ultra Wiseband Satellite Digital Receiver
  • Satellite Receivers Development Platform
  • Baseband Communication Transceiver
  • Multi-channel Digital Receivers
  • Up to 64M-point Floating-Point FFT Processing
  • Airborne Surveillance & Medical Equipments

4DSP는 Leading Signal Processing Embedded Solution을 제공합니다.

  • 4DSP는 FPGA products 및 high speed digitizer and turnkey systems의 Design 전문 업체입니다.
  • Design Tool 및 H/W Reference Design등 Full Support Package 지원으로 Cost, Man-power 투입 최소화
  • IP Core solution을 통한 Performance 극대화 및 Pre-ported IP Cores Turn-Key Solution으로 기간 단축
  • Full Technical Supports

4DSP는 Full Engineering Services를 지원합니다.

  • Analog & Digital Hardware Design
  • High speed A/D and D/A, FPGA boards,
  • Video frame grabbers
  • Optical interfaces
  • FPGA firmware design & IP Cores
  • Stellar IP or AXI-4 compliant cores
  • Fast Fourier Transforms, Filters, DSP algorithms
  • Video processing
  • Memory controllers (QDR2 SRAM+, DDR3 SDRAM, NAND Flash)
  • High speed communication
  • Software drivers, API and application code
  • Windows, VxWorks, Linux, LynxOS
  • GUI & Specific application development
  • Systems and Turnkey solutions
  • Beamforming and Signal Processing applications
  • Data Recording
  • Sensing

4DSP Products
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FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card)
  • RF FMC (FMC30RF Transceiver FMC)
  • A/D (Analog-to-Digital) FMC
  • D/A (Digital-to-Analog) FMC
  • A/D (Analog-to-Digital) and D/A (Digital-to-Analog) FMC
  • Digital Signal Processors FMC
  • Clock & Trigger Distribution FMC
  • Optical Transceivers FMC
PCIe Form Factor
VPX Form Factor
3U CompactPCI Form Factor
PMC (FM Series) Form Factor
PMC (AD Series) Form Factor
PMC (VID Series) Form Factor
XMC Form Factor
CES720-Standalone, small form factor embedded system
IP Cores (Serial FPDP, Floating Point & Fixed Point, Polyphase Filterbank, Digital Down Converter)
4DSP Systems
  • CompactPCI Systems
  • VMEBus Systems
  • PCI Systems
  • VPX Systems
  • Standalone Systems
Fiber Optic Systems
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