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[2020 New]......영상처리 Products ; AMP(Advanced Micro Peripheral)

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엘케이테크원은 신호처리 및 영상처리 embedded hardware & software 및 IP Cores를 제공하고 있습니다.
[Signal Processing (신호처리) Products]
Vendors ; Abaco - 4DSP Products, New Wave DV
Products ; Xilinx FPGA Carrier, FPGA board with IP Cores, A/D & D/A FMC, FPGA IP Cores
[Video/Image processing (영상처리) Products]
Vendors ; Wolf Advanced Technology, AMP (Advanced Micro Peripherals), Vision4ce, Alma Technologies, VISENGI
Products ; NVIDIA GPU based GPGPU board, Video components (Video streaming, H.264/MPEG4 Codec, 
Frame Grabbers, Video Display Format Converter), Video/Image Compression IP Cores (H.264, H.265, JEPG), 
Video Processing & Distribution Unit, VMS software
영상처리(Video & Image processing) Products ; AMP (Advanced Micro Peripherals)
Video components, Communications & Peripherals
   1. DVR & Video Streaming
       AMP offers real-time video streaming and recording solutions at both systems and board level.
       The single board StreamCorder solutions are ideal for rapid deployment in demanding Military,
       Commuications, Transportation, Mining and Energy industry situations.
      -. Hydra
         Multi-channel Video Streamer/Server
      -. microHtdra
         COTS Multi-Channel Video Acquisition Appliance
      -. StreamCorder-HD-HDMI
         Standalone HDMI H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer
      -. StreamCorder-HD-SDI
         Standalone HDMI H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer
      -. StreamCorder-SD4
         Standalone 4xD1 H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer
     -. XStream-SD4
         Ultra Low Latency Standalone 4xD1 H.264 Video Streamer
   2. H.264/MPEG4 Codec
       H.264/MPEG4 Codec boards bring a rich set of video grabbing, compression, decompression and
       related functions.
       -. H264-cPCI4 
          4 Channel H.264 Codec for CompactPCI
       -. H264-cPCI8 
          8 Channel H.264 Video Codec for CompactPCI
       -. H264-HD-2SDI 
          Dual HD-SDI H.264 Encoder for PC/104-Express
       -. H264-HD2000 
          Ultra Low Latency Dual HD H.264 Compression Card for PCI-104
       -. H264-PMC8 
          8 Channel H.264 Codec on PMC
       -. H264-ULL-cPCI 
          Ultra Low Latency Dual-Channel HD H.264 Encoder for CompactPCI
       -. H264-ULL-PMC 
          Ultra Low Latency Dual-Channel PMC Mezzanine HD H.264 Encoder
       -. H264-ULL-RS343 
          CompactPCI Serial Dual Channel RS-343 H.264 Video Encoder
       -. H264-XMC-RS343 
          XMCPCI-Express Dual Channel RS-343 H.264 Video Encoder
       -. H264ULL-Decoder 
          Ultra Low Latency Quad H.264 Decoder for PCI-104
       -. H264ULL-Encoder 
          Ultra Low Latency Quad H.264 Encoder for PCI-104
       -. HDAV2000 
          Ultra Low Latency High Definition Video Codec
       -. HDAV2000KLV 
          HD H.264 Codec with STANAG 4609 KLV
       -. HDCorder-HDMI 
          CompactPCI Serial DVI/HDMI H.264 Video Encoder
       -. HDCorder-RGB/STANAG 
          CompactPCI Serial RGB H.264 Video Encoder
       -. HDCorder-SDI 
          CompactPCI Serial HD-SDI H.264 Video Encoder
       -. microH264-D4 
          4 Channel, Full Frame Rate H.264 Codec for mini PCI
       -. microMPEG4-D4 
          4 Channel, Full Frame Rate MPEG-4 Codec for mini PCI
       -. MPEG4000-D4 
          4 Channel, Full Frame Rate, MPEG-4 Codec for PC/104-Plus
       -. MPEG4000WA 
          4 Channel MPEG-2/MPEG-4/M-JPEG Encoder/Decoder
       -. nanoH264-D4 
          4 Channel H.264 Encoder for miniPCI Express
       -. nanoH264-HD 
          HD-SDI H.264 Video Encoder for for miniPCI Express
       -. nanoH264-HD-HDMI 
          DVI/HDMI H.264 Video Encoder for miniPCI Express
       -. nanoH264-HD-RGB
          HD Analog RGB H.264 Video Encoder for miniPCI Express
       -. VCODEC-H264-D4 
          4 Channel Full Frame Rate, H.264 Encoder/Decoder for PC/104-Plus
       -. VCODEC-H264-D4X 
          Quad Channel H.264 Codec for PC/104-Plus
       -. VCoderH264-HD-HDMI 
          HDMI/DVI H.264 Video Encoder for PCIe/104
       -. VCoderH264-HD-RGB
          RGB H.264 Video Encoder for PCIe/104
       -. VCoderH264-HD-SDI
          HD-SDI H.264 Video Encoder for PCIe/104
   3. Video Capture Frame Grabber
       AMP Frame Grabber range includes boards in many PCI, PC/104, PMC and standalone form factors
       for both raw video and audio capture, and capture with MPEG-4/MPEG-2/H.264 compression.
       -. AVC-cPCIs 
          8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for CompactPCI Serial
       -. AVC2000-V 
          Video Frame Grabber for PC/104-Plus
       -. AVC4000 
          4-Channel Video Frame Grabber for PC/104-Plus
       -. AVC8000nano 
          8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for miniPCI Express
       -. AVC8000S 
          8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for PCI Express
       -. AVC8000X 
          8x D1 Frame Grabber for PC/104-Express
       -. AVC8000XMC 
          8x D1 Video Frame Grabber XMC PCI Express card
       -. HDGrabberX-HDMI 
          PCIe/104 HDMI/DVI Video Frame Grabber
       -. HDGrabberX-RGB/STANAG 
          PCIe/104 RGB Video Frame Grabber
       -. HDGrabberX-SDI 
          HD-SDI Video Frame Grabber for PCIe/104
       -. microGrabber 
          4 Channel Video Capture and Overlay Controller for mini PCI
       -. nanoGrabber-HD-HDMI 
          HD-HDMI Video Frame Grabber for miniPCI Express
       -. nanoGrabber-HD-RGB 
          HD RGB Video Frame Grabber for miniPCI Express
       -. nanoGrabber-HD-SDI 
          HD-SDI Video Frame Grabber for mini PCI Express
       -. Quadgrabber 
          4 Channel Video Capture and Overlay Controller for PC/104-Plus
   4. Video Annotation and Overlay
       These PC/104 and PCI-104 form factor boards allow real-time addition of video overlay and
       annotation to multiple composite or s-video PAL/NTSC/RS-170 channels.
       -. eVAC2000 
          Live PAL/NTSC Video Annotation Controller for PCI-104
       -. eVAC4000 
          Video Annotation and Overlay Controller for PCI-104
       -. VMIX104 
          Video Overlay/Annotation module for PC/104
   5. Video Display Format Converters
       AMP Video Display Format Converters are board-level modules that convert signals between mutually 
       incompatible video formats and standards.
       -. DVICOMP-IS 
          HDMI/DVI-to-PAL/NTSC/RS-170 Standalone Scan Converter
       -. DVIVGA-IS
          HDMI/DVI-to-VGA Converter
       -. nanoVTV 
          Intelligent VGA-to-NTSC/RS-170 Converter
          STANAG3350-to-PAL/NTSC/RS-170 Converter
       -. STANAGDVI-IS 
          STANAG3350-to-HDMI/DVI Converter
       -. STANAGVGA-IS
          STANAG3350-to-VGA Converter
       -. VGACOMP-IS 
          VGA-to=PAL/NTSC/RS-170 Converter
       -. VGASTANAG
          VGA-to-STANAG3350 Scan Converter for PCI-104
       -. VTV2000IS
          Video Overlay/Annotation Module for PC/104
   6. Communications & Peripherals
       AMP offers PC/104 and PC/104-Plus multi-channel communications boards.
       -. AirLAN2000 
          PC/104-Plus WirelessLAN Controller
       -. ATA2000-PSU 
          Multi-Function PSU and IDA ATA/CompactFlash Adaptor for PC/104-Plus
       -. Audio2000 
          PC/104-Plus Multi-Channel Sound Card
       -. Bridge-PCIe104 
          PCIe/104-to-PCI-104 Bridge
       -. CAN4000 
          4-Channel Isolated CANbus Channels Plus Serial Port Controller
       -. FireSpeed2000 
          IEEE-1394 FireWire Controller for PC/104-Plus
       -. Fire8000X 
          3 Port 800Mbit IEEE-1394b FireWire Controller
       -. HDLC-cPCI 
          HDLC Communications Controller
       -. HDLC-cPCIs 
          HDLC Communications Controller
       -. HDLC104 
          HDLC Communications Controller
       -. HDLC2000 
          HDLC Communications Controller
       -. LANSwitch
          5-Port Etherent Switch for PC/104-Plus
       -. LANSwitch8G 
          8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
       -. mPCI-4 
          Quad Slot miniPCI Adaptor for PC/104-Plus
       -. nanoFlame 
          IEEE-1394 FireWire Controller for miniPCI Express
       -. Serial2000
          8-Channel Serial Port Controller for PC/104-Plus
       -. USB3000X 
          4-Port USB 3.0 Controller for PCI/104-Express
       -. VBase-PCIe104 
          Rugged Vehicle Baseboard for PCIe 104 Systems
       -. VPSU2000
          PC/104-Plus Vehicle Power Supply
   7. Single Board Computer
       -. TinyATOM
          Intel ATOM based Low Power PCI/104-Express Computer


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