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미국 Pinnacle Imaging Systems사의 HDR (High Dynamic Range) ISP (Image Signal Processor) IP Core를
소개 합니다.
Pinnacle Introduces HDR ISP Core
Pinnacle Imaging Systems launches Denali-MC HDR ISP IP Core said to preserve a scene's color fidelity
and full contrast range throughout the tone mapping process, all without producing halos, color shifts,
and undesired motion artifacts.
Denali-MC provides a 16-bit data path capable of producing 100dB or 16-EV steps of dynamic range.
Denali-MC HDR IP completely eliminates halo artifacts and color shifts, and mitigates the ghost artifacts
and transition noise often seen when merging multiple exposures.
This allows Denali-MC to capture up to four exposure frames from 1080p video at 120fps, while merging
and tone mapping at 30 fps in real time.
For applications requiring faster output frame rates, Denali-MC also supports a two frame merge mode
exporting at 60 fps.
Furthermore, Denali-MC can support up to 29 different CMOS sensors, including 9 Aptina/ON Semi, 6
Omnivision and is said to be easily ported to the most widely-used logic platforms.
HDR-Specific Features ;
-. Advanced motion compensation algorithms virtually eliminate HDR merge artifacts and transition noise
-. Proprietary Locally Adaptive Tone Mapping technology preserves color fidelity through the entire tonal
   range withoutcreating halo artifacts or color shifts
-. Automatic EV bracketing
-. Automatic or manual contrast adaptation for global or local video correction
-. React concurrent still frame and video capture feature, non-destructively extracts four source LDR Bayer
   images, merged Bayer HDR, tone mapping Bayer or HDMI RGB still frames without interrupting video
-. Ability to capture separate HDR and tone mapped Bayer output video streams concurrently (ideal for
   ADAS applications)
-. Two or four frame multiple exposure merge (with Sony IMX290 implementation)
-. HDR + Low illumination capabilities with Sony IMX290 sensor enable 24/7 round the clock video capture
   capabilities for any contrast and lighting condition 
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